Inventory Management

Inventory is your business’s life force and it needs to flow smoothly. With Integro360 you have visibility and control of product, as it moves through your supply chain

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Truly effective inventory management is much more than simply knowing what’s left in the warehouse, it helps you grow your business, by simplifying the sales process, makes it easy to manage products in multiple channels, and scales effortlessly, as your volumes expand.

Integro360 automates stock updates, as the product is received and orders are fulfilled. With full reporting functionality, it is simple to drill down to sales, purchase orders (POs), and receipt detail. All to SKU level.

  • Product database to SKU level with EAN or other barcoding
  • Product scanning / For pick accuracy
  • SO, PO, Invoice features
  • Pick and Pack function
  • Reports


With Integro360’s inventory management you keep track of products in customers’ baskets, orders being processed, stock out for delivery, and any items that have been authorised for return. 

Keeping track of all this information can get difficult quickly if you’re using different systems or doing it manually.

With Integro360, all that inventory product information is integrated into your ERP system and can be available on any other data platform your organisation uses.

Integro360 automates stock updates, as stock is received and orders fulfilled, with full reporting functionality and with simple drill-down to sales, purchase orders (POs), and receipt detail, to SKU level. 

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eCommerce Platforms

Integro360 will seamlessly integrate with your online store and support any eCommerce platform, including all the most popular

Client Stories

Fast Fashion

Fast fashion

This leading luxury fashion brand uses Integro360 to simplify its customers online shopping experience, streamline deliveries and offer a pain-free returns process.

Integrated with their sales platform and ERP, Integro360 selects the carrier, transmits data and triggers the pick instruction, when the Customer places their order. 

With Integro360 WMS integration the retailer has been able to increase eCommerce order fulfilment from 282K in 2019 to just under 400K in 2020, with just over 10% of orders being returned and 45K returns processed in 2020.

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